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My uncle had been terminally ill for four years. He'd been a significant part of my life for as long as I could remember. And was one of the most wonderful, inspiring, and loving people I've ever known. We spent the final two weeks of his life by his bed. It was really difficult at first, but as the days slowly passed it changed from a time of mourning to a time of celebration. Our family was brought together from every corner of the country. As difficult as it was, those final weeks were a truly special time.
After he died, I tried to get back into my normal routine. To get my life back into order. But it was impossible to just pick up where I left off. I felt lost, and was overwhelmed by confused thoughts, questions, and emotions. At the time, I don't think I realized I wasn't coping; I was doing what I had to in order to feel better at any particular time. I talked to my friends, and they were really supportive. I made an appointment to see a counselor at Uni. This instigated a big turnaround. I'd never seen a counselor before, but I found that it was the easiest thing I could do for myself. She explained the process of grieving, telling me that it takes a long time and that everybody copes with their experiences differently.
It was incredibly relieving to start unloading the burden that had built up on my shoulders. I began to open up to my friends and family. They were all really understanding, especially when I would have a rough week every now and then. I also started writing, and I focused my artwork around my grief. It was a great way to work through it. Like I was removing thoughts from my head and arranging them in front of me so I could work out some understanding of how it all fit together.
The twelve months after my uncle's death were really difficult. Healing takes a long time, and I think time is the only thing that can do it. I'm now able to talk about this openly, and with some sense of resolution. With time, I'm gaining a more positive perspective on the experience as I've realized the great things that have come out of it. It's still difficult sometimes but I know I'm not the only one that has struggled, or still struggles at times. I don't feel like I'm grieving on my own anymore.