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Running Is Not Forever


My sophomore English teacher asked each student to explore a social issue we were personally familiar with through the genre of poetry.
Suicide came up as a topic...a topic that I hadn't experienced, but I was personally familiar with suicidal feelings and depression. Anyway, the discussion came up as to how and why suicide happened.  A student asked, "How could someone?" And this led to a discussion on how to cope with suicidal feelings. This is when our teacher advised us with tears in her eyes "to run."
She said "Guys, when you need to get away, and there is no way out, remember these words... I plead with you to run." She told us that by running we gave ourselves time to think, ponder, clear our heads, and make a decision that was based on thought and not impulse. She told us to never on impulse decide that life was too hard.
Often when I am able, I run. I never run far, but just enough to get away and clear my head. As she told us "Running is not forever, suicide on impulse is... there is no turning back, no second chance... if you run you get exactly that - a second chance through time to think it through... it often isn't as bad as you initially think it is"
Each of us in that class that day remember her every word delivered with emotion, feeling and tears in her eyes. She cared, and because she cared, we listened and because we listened, lives have been saved. Of the 27 students in my class, I personally know of five who have suffered in situations which have led to suicidal thoughts and plans... each ran and found time to think it through and each found a way to overcome the situation and survive.