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She stands by the mirror
alone in her room
and she sees the reflection
that brings her such gloom.
She's very unhappy
this self conscious teen,
she feels nothing can help
build her low self esteem.
"It's just a stage in your life,"
they say over again,
but this stage feels to her
as if it never will end.
There's quite a bit of pressure
placed upon this girl
to look thin and beautiful
to the outside world.
But how can she look pretty
when she feels like a blimp?
When her skin is disgusting
and her hair is limp?
If only she could see though
that that spark in her eye
that thing I can see
when I look deep inside?
She really is gorgeous,
but in a different way
to how society views people
in this cruel world today.
A teen doesn't need
all this sadness and gloom
that can face her whenever
she steps out of her room.
Everywhere she turns
she sees all these things
that make her feel worse
about what her life brings.
She really needs time though
to grow up and see
that there are more important things
than being skinny.
And until this girl can
heal all her dismay,
she'll never see her reflection
in a different way.