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Power of a Hug


Sometimes I'm depressed, angry, sad, or just down in the dumps. When I feel this way, sometimes I just want to be left alone. But most of the time, the thing that I want most, when I'm down, is a big hug. I once heard it said that a hug is the greatest gift you can give a loved one. It's true!
I have a friend who's a guy. He's not my boyfriend, but I love him dearly, and in the last couple of years, we've gotten into the habit of giving each other frequent hugs. I hug him just about any time we're together, and it's one of the most therapeutic things that I do daily. The hugs don't have to be a symbol that we're in love, because we're not. It's just a nice way to let each other know that we appreciate the other person, that we love 'em, and that we're there for them. It's a little way to spread some sunshine!
Next time you see a friend who's looking down, maybe there's more you can do for them than you think. Forget the talking. Just go up and wrap your arms around them!