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Learning to Trust and Open Up


Aside from the issues and the realization that I'm going to have to go this alone at such a young age, I didn't realize how difficult it would be having to turn the other cheek to my family and just kind of avoid them for a while. So in return I decided that the best thing for me, to give me hope and to give me guidance, I chose to find a local church to settle down. I decided to learn more about who I am and what guidance there is for me.
Furthermore, I tried to reach out to older people who have gone down the road that I'm going on or are helping other people like me or just people who I admired. I remember the boss of my first job. He used to be a director of a local non-profit. Now he is a professor at one of the universities nearby. I still keep in contact with him today and I ask him many questions. Questions about investing, about love, about life. And just whenever I feel like calling him I know he's there. An unbiased, always willing to listen, educated person who's always looking out for me. I trust him because of some of the issues I went through as a younger person it's really difficult for me sometimes to open up and to trust people and to just take things for what's on the surface.
Another form of support was that I just decided to get my mind off of the problems at home I'm just going to stick my head in some text books and try and do better in high school. Because if I don't graduate high school, I'm never going to get to college. And if I don't get to college, I might end up like my mom. I might end up like my dad. Struggling, trying to pay for the bills. Struggling, trying to give their child an awesome life that they never had. So I knew that it was vital for my success as an individual that I need to get the proper education so that I can commit to creating a sound life for my future family.