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In Sickness and Health


WIFE: I was on summer break just got back from Las Vegas from my 21st birthday. I was still tired about a month later so I decided to go into the doctor and they called me that night wanted to do more tests. Went in, did more tests. They needed to see me the next day and found out that I had kidney failure. My kidneys were basically beyond recovering. I immediately had to go into emergency surgery that night. I had no idea what to expect. It scared me. Made me feel sad, but most of all I just didn't know what to do. Being diagnosed with kidney failure to getting a transplant was about nine months. I had three surgeries. Shane donated his kidney to me, who was at the time my fiancé. Shane is very caring. Just sticks with me through everything. The good, the bad, and the ugly.
HUSBAND: When I decided to get tested, I asked when I went to a doctor visit what I had to do, and they were going to charge me to check my blood. And then I remembered if you donate your blood you get a card back that will tell you your blood type. I got a card with my blood type back and I was O positive which is universal. So that meant no matter what blood type she was, as far as that, I was good enough to donate. I couldn't see not doing it. Once I knew I could do it, it's all I thought about was wanting to do it.
WIFE: From there it was probably about 8 months later that I actually got my transplant. I got released but I still had to be up by the hospital which was up in Portland. So we had to rent an apartment for about a month, and just hope that nothing was going to go wrong. Kidney failure has affected my life, in that I really want to just keep a positive outlook in life. Just knowing that there is going to be a tomorrow. That you just need to fight for what you want, and take good and bad as it comes.