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I May Not Be the Smartest Person


All my life, I achieved results that were only fairly good. Everyone thought I was stupid... I was dumb. And that's not all, the worst part was, I thought I was stupid and will never ever achieve big. I looked at myself, and felt a sense of shame, a sense of uselessness.
Not surprisingly, I did not get accepted into the college I wanted. I was devastated.
I thought for a very long time and finally made the decision that changed my whole life. I never regretted choosing that option. I applied to another school, one less competitive, and was admitted.
Of course, it wasn't that simple. While doing my course, it was difficult. I struggled but I did not give up. I was determined that I was going to show to everyone that I could do it. The greatest force that kept me moving was my mom's undying support and a few of my best friends. They never looked down on me and they were supportive all the way through.
But of course, nothing works except if I was to cooperate. And I did. I was very determined. I just kept pushing myself. Over and over again the situation convinced me to give up but I did not!
I told myself, I am going to start a brand new life! Exams came and went and results were out. I was nervous. This is my first exam ever since I started my brand new life.
I remember my mom and a very close friend of mine, who told me, work hard! You can achieve big. We have faith in you.
I did...And I did it.
I got a GPA of 3.5 out of 4.
I looked back into my life again. All the criticism that I have received is now not only an encouragement for me to do better, but something that tells me that no one can make you who you are.
I've learned that no one will be able to define me. Everything is in me. Everything is up to me. Whatever I choose, whoever I want to be, it's all up to me!
I may not be the smartest person in the world but I am determined.