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On my bathroom mirror I have a little mantra written in red lipstick. I am talented I am strong I am good enough.
Every morning I give myself a pep talk, usually while putting on make-up or brushing my teeth. I find it really helps to look at myself in the mirror and say it to my own face.
Some days I just need to say it to myself once, other days I almost have to scream it at my reflection to make myself believe it.
Either way I make sure I start each day believing it. When I start each day believing in myself, I don't get so upset when people reject my work, because I believe that I am talented.
It's much easier to cope with stress because I believe that I am strong. And when someone puts me down I shrug it off, because I believe that I am good enough. It's not the answer to all the problems in the world, but it helps me get through my day.