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Growing Up Without a Father


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Hi, my name is Wilfredo. I'm a 20 year old Latino who's lived in the U.S. all of his life. I've lived with a single parent mom. My dad wasn't around and he abandoned me when I was about 10. And I'm a foster kid. Well, growing up without a father figure was difficult. During my teen years I really felt that something was missing. I felt that the power and the guidance of... of a good father who is by your side and loved you wasn't... wasn't there and it made me feel like, incomplete. To this day I try and find in books, in uh music, movies that thing that my father didn't invest in me.
Other different ways that I've tried to fill the void was by constantly trying to seek out people with admirable traits. With... with the traits that I long and I yearn to have. For instance, a youth pastor who was kind and compassionate, understanding but stern. Over time, especially during my adolescent years, I grew close to people that way. As I've gotten older I've made friends who are professors who are consultants. And even heads of...of... of major organizations back home to be kind of like... to be my guide. To be my conscience or my advisors and I really need help.
So, when I'm in pain and I'm confused and I just don't know what to do I call them up, I email them or I sit down and have uh, cup of coffee and I just kinda vent.