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Dropping a Subject


I wouldn't say I've always enjoyed school, but it had always been fairly easy. The usual routine was to show up for school, complete assignments, do tests, get decent marks.
Yet suddenly, I hit the first year of college. It had not occurred to me that it was going to be an agonizing struggle. I had been almost a straight A student for ages, why would it change? It did. There were a lot of reasons for this. All of a sudden the work was way harder, and at home a lot of other problems seemed to be taking up much of my thinking space, instead of school. But the main part of this was that personally, I didn't want to put in all the effort just for myself. Ability is nothing if it isn't in your heart. I lacked motivation and direction. I had come to a point where I questioned what I really wanted to get out of school. Quickly I wasn't the top student anymore.
I became very disconnected in classes, which meant I had to work even harder each night. I quickly became resentful and angry too, about my situation. My four years at high school of being "the top" had not prepared me for anything.
It took a while, but after a professor talking to me, I began to realize that maybe in my situation is wasn't right for me to be taking 18 credits with advanced subjects. Yeah, there are other students that can handle it - and good for them-but I learned there are many who can't. Dropping some subjects was best for me.
I was taking control, and part of this was about seeing there was so much more outside the usual text-book learning. I got involved with other things I found enjoyable and personally fulfilling. Doing this allowed me to create a great friendship network of people that I considered to be real friends, rather than people I could just associate with in class. This strangely allowed me to concentrate more when I was actually in school, to achieve better.
If you find yourself in a similar position to me, don't be afraid to consider dropping a subject, or at least talk to a teacher or counselor about how you are feeling. You won't be seen as a failure. I sure realized it is not always 'laziness' and 'stupidity', which keeps people from achieving the top scores.