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Coping with Stress


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Have you ever felt alone? Confused? Upset at the world or just so sad you can't get out of it? Yeah, I remember feeling like that.  But then I learned a couple ways to cope with it. Hi, I'm Wilfredo. And I'm here to show you a couple ways that I used to cope with my stress.
Now, I'm a twenty year-old Latino, but for the last five years, I've been in foster care. I mean, it ain't easy, but it's manageable.  I mean, foster care did get me to college and I'm halfway done. But during this time, I had a lot of issues, with just family and stress and wondering who I am, what to do, how to feel better. I felt like I was always sad. A few things I did to help me manage was: One – ask somebody just to listen and ask for some help. Two – surround myself with people who are going to hold me accountable and remind me of my goals, who are going to seek my well-being. And three – constantly try to be optimistic. Optimism can change the world.
Now, here are a couple ways I learned to cope. I don't recommend drinking or doing drugs because, honestly, that type of stuff can just get you in a lot of trouble. These ways are easy, practical, free and safe. Boxing. "Hey yo Adrian, yo. Hey. Forget about it." Learning to play guitar, or any other instrument. Cooking! "Next on Chef Ramsay's..." You take the packet, contents out of the pack, into the pot. Voila! Talking to someone about your problems. "Yeah, the number for Inspire USA Foundation please." Reading the Bible, or prayer. Reading for knowledge. "Yep, I know I'm on the East Coast." Studying for the next exam. Bike riding. "Oh crap!" "Yes, I'll hold." Reading for enjoyment. "Yes, I would love a text message. Text would be fine."
Now that you've seen some ways that I cope, I wanna see you try them out. Now remember, don't forget: Don't be afraid to ask for help. Find someone who's gonna hold you accountable and remind you of your dreams, and stay optimistic. There's always hope. Don't give up. And now that you've seen how I've learned to cope, I ask you – can you do the same?