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ReachOut Stories are written by young people for young people. If you want to share your own story, we encourage you to do so in the ReachOut Forums.

I never look before I leap

This is a young man’s story of how he realized the love of family and friends is enough to make life worth living.

Depression DOES get easier

When I was a teenager I suffered from horrible depression, and this is my story about how I hit rock bottom but eventually made it back and made it out alive.

Staying positive

Dee's story of learning to cope with her depression and grief after the loss of a good friend.


This is Sarah's story of learning to deal with bullies at school and the depression that followed.

All I have

A young woman shares the motivation she found to stop self-harming and look toward her future with hope.

Helping myself

Here is a young woman's story of healing from depression, self-harm and sexual assault.

Safety box

Discover one young woman's unique strategy to stop self-harming.

Love heals the scars of the wounded

This is the story of how I learned to look on the positive side of things.

Wrapped in cotton

Here's an interpretation of a teenage girl's suicidal thoughts, and how she made the move to seek help.

That Thursday night in December

A story about using unhealthy methods to cope and getting help after a friend's suicide.

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