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I’m Megan (Meg). When I was in middle school, some bad things happened. I was bullied, neglected by my friends, and beaten by someone I thought that I could trust. After years of this neglect, I finally said ENOUGH.

When I began middle school, a relative sexually assaulted me. I was depressed after it. Not too long after that, my mother got pregnant. Four months later, the baby died. The next year, my father was almost killed in a car accident. His best friend did die, though. I often wondered through that time if my destiny was to become a suicidal tween. I DID become suicidal, but I sought help from everyone I knew. The next year, people began bullying me. I was pushed, shoved, and harassed terribly for months. People would laugh at me because my clothes weren’t right. Because I danced in the hallway (which was actually pretty funny).

After a few months of my long depression, I finally told my mom what was going on. She had noticed when I had stopped eating, laughing, reading, and writing. She encouraged me to go to a therapist, but I didn’t go. Instead, I talked to the school counselor about my problems and actions. If there is anyone out there who is like me, I would like them to seek help. I got through it with my friends, family, and the school’s guidance counselor. I don’t mind admitting that. My best friend often listened, and she had the same feelings that I did. When she and I talked, we became closer. Now, we are almost joined at the hip.

All in all, my life wasn’t in control like I thought it would have been. But that doesn’t matter now. Now, I’m living and healthy. I’m currently working on several novels. I hope that others like me will seek help.



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    That was so uplifting. I have a friend whose going through bullying and she wont listen to me. I showed her some of these articles to see if it would help. Thank you for inspiration. I also write, a good outlet for me is where you can submit your work and even get it published! Thank you again for sharing your story.

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    That was great. Honestly, I wanna see those novels smile

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