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Real Story

We all fall down sometimes

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We fell in love, completely. It wasn’t lust or infatuation; it was true. We grew together quickly and became inseparable. Eventually, things cratered. He had gone through his parents divorcing and his dad becoming gay. He couldn’t handle a relationship any longer. My heart was torn apart;  I had nowhere to go. I suffered for a little while, but eventually realized it wasn’t the end. I started focusing on the positives. I remembered the quote “Don’t cry because it’s over; smile because it happened.” That’s so true. You can’t live in the negative, no matter how hard it may be. I loved him so much, and I still can… just in a different way. I still get sad about it, but it makes me happy to know he is doing better by our break-up and getting his own self-help. You cannot put your happiness in someone else’s hands. As hard as it is, focusing on positive pieces of unfortunate circumstances not only makes you stronger, but happier. You can do it. I did.



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