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Struggling with weed


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My story about giving up weed

It started my sophomore year of high school. I was friends with a lot of people who were starting to get into smoking weed, which got me into it. My parents are dead-set against drugs, so the only way I could do it was if I snuck around. I was smoking weed and sneaking around, telling my parents I was one place when really I was somewhere else, which landed me in a bunch of trouble.

I smoked weed every single day. If I didn’t smoke, I felt like everything was so boring. I felt like I needed to be high to get through my life. In October of my sophomore year, my grandfather, who lived with us, died while I was in the room with him. After that, I went into a deep depression. I smoked weed every day, cut myself and stopped eating. Even though I’m at an average weight, I felt like I was huge. I was so uncomfortable with my body. I would not eat for days.  All I would do was smoke weed and sleep. 

That was another reason to smoke weed. It would make me forget about eating. I would just fall asleep and block everything out. The longest I’ve been without eating was a week and a half. I would also cut myself to release pain. I have scars up both of my arms. One day I was high, and I lied about where I was. So, when my mom picked me up, there was a bunch of screaming. To get out of all the screaming, I just burst into tears, telling my mom about my eating habits. She made me eat. I still would smoke weed, though.

Things started to get worse. I was failing every single class, and I ending up skipping school to go get high with my friends. I would even show up to school events high. On my 16th birthday, I skipped school to go smoke weed. My principal noticed that I was not in school, so he called my mom. My mom called me telling me to get back to school immediately, so I did.

When I got home that day, they were so disappointed in me that it actually hurts to think about it. My mom told me that the husband of a woman she works with is a police officer.  Come to find out, he was involved in a drug investigation at my school. My name was mentioned, so the woman told my mom. I will never forget the day that my mom asked me if I smoked weed. I didn’t know what to say to her, so I said nothing. Then, I started crying. I told her everything.  She decided that I needed help.

I’ve been seeing my counselor for a year now. She and I are very close. I was diagnosed with depression, and I am now on anti-depressants to help me out. I am also an honor roll student. I dropped all my bad friends for new ones who don’t smoke weed or pressure me, and I don’t lie to my parents about where I am. Counseling has helped me a lot. I would have never thought that I would be at where I am now. Everything is great in my life now.



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    Dylan Boroh

    marijuana most people will say is not addictive. it is… its also a gateway drug… I experamented even with heroin… that just brought the world down on me…  i have spent many years thinking that it was the best thing in my life. everytime i tried to quit i got emotional. i wanted suicide… my friends were there for me though.. id been hooked for about 9 years and im only 18. then came the last time. i met the girl of my dreams and the career of my dreams. thats when i needed to quit. it took so long and im still battling the temptation… my entire family does drugs so its hard to get away from… it helps to think where i am going and what i will get… THATS why i quit and THATS why i CANT let everyone down by being selfish and saying goodbye

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    Lauren Kroeplin

    I know how you feel. I used to be the exact same way. I went a week max without eating until one of my friends made me eat. I tried committing suicide two times along with cutting many many other times. I drank liquor almost every other day. I used to snort any pills I could get. I stole 2grand worth of money from my mother since I was so high. I went to a mental institution 2 times. That place sucks. That’s when I decided to do the same thing and loose all my weed/alcoholic friends. Life is better now. All you gotta do is get away from the people who gives you the urge. I got great friends, a car, a job, better relationship then what I used to have.

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    Wow thats crazy, i know people who smoke but nothing like that, I have heard it can take over your life and that’s the only thing you want and i guess it does. I also have been diagnosed with depression and its been 4 months of hell. Idk what to do with myself, i dont cut myself or do weed. I was put on one antidepressant but it had a very bad affect on me and i was put on something different. It hasn’t helped much and i have thoughts of hurting myself. I start counseling next week. Iv been in and out of it for 10 years (ever since my parents divorced) . This is also not the first time iv been depressed, once again its been on and off for 10 years. Is there anything you can tell me that can help me or let me know that this wont last forever?

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      We are sorry to hear about your depression but are glad to hear you are getting connected with a mental health professional. We hope you find it to be helpful. Depression can take time to recover from… but you will get better. Hang in there!
      the ReachOut Crew

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