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Getting over it

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I am Brandi and I am 17 years-old. I started cutting myself at the age of 13. At first, I did it because my friends were doing it and then I got addicted to it. I used to cut myself because it made me feel better. I believed the pain relieved my anger. I used to cut everyday and the cuts got deeper and increased.

It was very hard to stop because I was so addicted to the pain. I even got put in the hospital a couple of times and they taught me coping skills. That didn’t work immediately for me, so I had to keep myself in my house for awhile so I didn’t have the urge to cut.

To help me get through it, I wrote stories or poems. That helped me get my emotions out. I also went for walks and talked about it with friends and therapists.

Now I haven’t cut in a year and a half.



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