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My story as a recovering abuser

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How I stopped abusing my twin sister

When I was about 13, I had a lot of built-up anger, none of which involved my mom, dad, sisters or any close family members. The anger was toward my ex-step dad who left for Iraq when I was 7.

After talking with my mom about it, I noticed that I have grown up through the years hitting, slapping, kicking and throwing things at my twin sister. I used to get so out of control that it seemed like I wasn’t even myself at the moment. When I was in 7th or 8th grade, my sister told a couple of people about the abuse, and those people told almost everyone else.

After that, no one ever looked at me the same. I was known as the girl who “beat” her sister. Erica, my twin, never showed fear and never complained. She was good at acting like nothing was wrong. Later on, I got help and realized my sister was scared of me.  I had a hard time living with myself after that.

Long story short, I want people to know that if you ever have this problem, talk to someone right away. It can really get out of hand. Thankfully, mine didn’t, and my sister and I are trying to be closer.



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