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The name’s Jessie.  I just completed two years of college. I can be a nerd in some ways.  For example, I am big into video games and other things.  I am also always willing to talk and help others as much as possible.

My tough times were when I had way too much going on, like a sorority event, opening weekend for the next show in theatre, working every day of the week or a paper due the next day.  Or there was always some problems going on with a guy, or I was trying to help someone else with their problems, which would stress me out as well, and so on.  I was so stressed out that all I could think to do was hurt myself.  But I never felt much better after that.  I would just feel stressed about hurting myself because I wouldn’t want anyone to know that I did that as well.  Anything that I seemed to do stressed me out and made me freak out about it.  I lost all self-confidence in myself, and I would also keep it all to myself.  It was just never a fun time.

But my favorite thing that helped me get through all my stress was music.  I am music minor, which shows how big music is in my life.  I always make sure that my ipod is with me so I can just put on my headphones.  I also always remember to tell myself to breathe.  I take just two minutes for myself and just breathe because I know that is how I can calm myself down.  Another thing that I do is text or call my friends.  I know many of my friends worry about me when I get stressed, so I make sure that I talk to them so they know I am doing alright.  There are many different ways to make myself feel better, and I just try to keep on reminding myself about them so I keep doing them. 

While there are some times that a bad mood may overcome my good thoughts, I try to stay more positive than negative.  There is always something that can help me to stay calm and not hurt myself. 



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    i feel bad. that’s how it is. people bully me alot.

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      Hi there -
      thanks for writing to ReachOut and letting us know how it is. Please let an adult you trust know what’s going on and how you are feeling. Bullying can be so hurtful but by sharing what’s happening you may find some relief. You can always give the Boys Town National Hotline a call - they are there 24/7 just to listen and help. You can find out more about them on the Get Help, Get Help in a Crisis page on ReachOut. You do not have to be in crisis to call.
      We are thinking of you.
      the ReachOut Crew

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