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Struggling against high school bullying


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My story of overcoming high school bullying

Well, my name is Kelly. I’m going to be a freshman in college. I’m a country girl. I grew up in a small town where word gets around fast.

When I was a freshman I got bullied. It got extreme to the point where I was locked in lockers and talked down to. I walked through the high school hallway with my head down. I rarely talked to anyone. I went to school one day and it was the worst day of my life. A rumor had gone around about me.

I was born with a bladder problem, and when I was the flyer for the cheerleaders they held me up in a stunt. They moved my feet to get me off balance on purpose knowing that I had a bladder problem. So I peed on them, and they dropped me on my neck and back. The next day the rumors had spread.
After that, I became depressed and got pulled out of school. One person was always there, and she has been my best friend for 10 years. She talked me out of doing something stupid.

My parents and my friends got me through the difficult time.. They were always there when I needed them.. Something I’d like everyone to know is that when things happen they happen for a reason. I thought I couldn’t get through it, but I did and it made me stronger then ever. I have more self-esteem.

I got bullied for six years. I got through it, and I am positive that you can too. Just never give up!  You are strong.



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    Hi, I was wondering if I could meet Kelly. I’m Jacky, I’m looking for friendship, if that’s possible.

    Maybe message me back? hehehe

    Jacky [...]

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      Hi Jacky,

      Our stories are written anonymously, and often using pseudonyms.  We are happy that you enjoyed this one!

      Take care,
      The ReachOut Team

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