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My Name is Amilia. I am 20 years old, and here is my brother’s story. Not too many years ago, I found out that my brother was a homosexual. When I found out, I wasn’t angry or hurt.  I was proud of him. I was proud that he felt that he could come out to his sisters and not be ashamed of who he was, but not everyone was as proud of my brother as I was. My father, who is Joshua’s stepfather, and Joshua’s own father disowned him because of who he was. My father told him, “You are not allowed to see your sisters because like hell you will turn any of my daughters gay.” So Joshua left. He moved away, and we only saw our brother every once in a while. It was hard to hear that someone who was family told my brother that he wasn’t able to see us because of his sexuality. That isn’t right on so many different levels.

There was one good thing about my father telling Joshua the things he did because when Joshua moved, he met some wonderful people who understood who he was and loved him for it.  He had the opportunity to work for a company that he loved and was very successful Joshua just left the hurtful words and actions in his past and took it one day at a time. He lived a wonderful life with wonderful people. Joshua passed away last year of bacterial meningitis, and I know that the day he passed away he had people who loved him very much for the person he was, and that was a wonderful young man.  Because of Joshua, I understand and support some of my best friend who have come out or are looking to come out to someone. It does get better. It really does. There are people out there who understand what you are going through and are willing to help and just listen. Talk to someone who you feel you can trust.  It helps a lot. Thank you for reading my brother’s story, and I hope it helps.



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    Abby Morales

    i agree my friend jacob went out with this guy named quintion and during movies they would touch each others!!!!1 person said"get out of here you dumb ass” they put him in e.a.p.they bi guys got told not to be afrais of who they are thats my story!

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