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Music makes it better

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I’m a 23 year-old man currently living with his wife in California. A long time ago as a teen I discovered that music can be therapeutic. I discovered music as a way to get through tough times really well, music can help heal emotional wounds.

That time was tough for me because I had been recently rejected by a girl I really really liked. I tried to cope with the facts, but it was hard. I was really depressed, and I needed a way to make it through.

One day I was listing to the radio, and I heard the song “I Miss You” from Blink-182. The song was so deep and the lyrics really go me thinking, so afterwards I purchased all the Blink-182 CDs and found a bunch of songs I could relate to. There were songs about breakups, divorces, girls, love and tough times. I can really relate to these guys, the lyrics put me inside their world. I thought to myself if these guys have been through all this and they’re rock stars, than life does get better. I kept on listening to Blink-182, My Chemical Romance, and Green Day and soon I was warped into another world. I soon realized what I needed to do to get out of depression. Music saved me.

Whether you like rock, hip hop, or pop, anything you can relate to will make you feel better. I was able to get through tough times because of these rock bands’ songs and you can too with whatever music you can really get into.



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