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Music Is My Muse

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Hey guys. My Name is Alex. Growing up in a small town is never easy. Especially when you are one of the only gay students in your school. I went through a lot of tough times but learned how I personally could help myself overcome these battles.

When I was growing up there were many tough times for me. When you discover you are gay, it isn’t really that easy for you personally to deal with it. I was personally bullied from the time I was in second grade till my senior year in high school. It is never easy being called things like “queer” or anything else for that matter. Sometimes it even makes you want to end your life, but it is not worth it.

After attempting suicide, I decided enough was enough. I remember listening to the radio and hearing songs that really helped me out when I was sad or depressed. So it became my muse whenever I would feel these thoughts of suicide. I would either hop in my car or go into my room and blast the radio or whatever songs I wanted and just sing at the top of my lungs. It really helped me feel better in the end.

I have become a much stronger person today by finding something that kept me pushing forward. I am now working on a project to help others find other ways to help them threw hard times! Five years later, I’m still pushing through whatever life throws my way!



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