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Hi my name is Breelynn.  For 10 years, I hid a secret from everyone, a secret that in ways made me lose who I was in the process of growing up. By the time it came out, I didn’t know who I was anymore.

The secret I hid from everyone was the fact that I was molested between the ages of 8 to 12, before it changed into full-on rape until I was 17 years old and starting 12th grade.  This was done by my grandfather.

I used to listen to music and got extremely involved in school. I made myself do things that would bring me out of my comfort zone, to prove to myself that even though I had this terrible secret, it didn’t define me. I kept a journal. I also listened to other people’s problems, and I helped them. It made me feel better.

I thought I was damaged.  But at the end of it, it made me stronger. It didn’t make me. I made myself who I am, and now I am changing into a person who is confident in myself:)



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