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Love heals the scars of the wounded

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Photo by: Raymond Brown

I’m Diana and I’m now a happy 16 year old. Before however I went through a time of struggle not only with myself but with those around me. It all started in eighth grade. I felt so out of place with everyone including my friends and even my parents. I began cutting myself. My freshman year in high school I came close to suicide several times. I was so lost and so stuck and I felt so miserable. I told no one of this shadowy act because many would continue to call me a selfish, stupid person that doesn’t know how to be considerate of others.

Well beginning my sophomore year, I met my current boyfriend, Angel. He was the person who knew what I was going through and despite my mood or my actions, he was always there. Through him, my suicidal thoughts began to fade away slowly and I thank him and love him immensely for it. I can definitely say that the power of love does heal the scars of the wounded. I always cry whenever he tells me that he loves me or when ever he does something for me. He makes me feel the love I have not felt since my life began.



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