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My story of my first heartbreak

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Well, It all started when I was a young boy.

My Mom’s best friends daughter and I had become friends when I was still in diapers. She is a year older than me and I am now 18 and she is 19. Back in third grade we had gotten a little fond of each other and we started being “girlfriend” and “boyfriend” not like we really knew what that was at the time but we acted like it. I don’t really remember how long we “dated” but she had moved away shortly after. I didn’t realize then that I would see her again. But from time to time our Moms would see each other and I’d see “Melissa” again.

At one point, Melissa moved in with us — her and her daughter—because she was on her own and was going through some tough times and my Mom was willing to help her out. So she moved in and again she had a boy friend and for about two months they dated. Something happened and they stopped but at the time I was dating also. Well, my girlfriend broke up with me and I started to really like Melissa and one night we had started to “fool” around with each other and my love grew every moment from then on stronger and stronger. She would say “I love you ” in a voice that would sound like she was truly in love with me. I don’t think she knew how much I loved her or maybe she did and she was just playing games I will never know.

After a few months she moved, but before that I had written her a letter asking what was going on with us and if there was something and if not I would understand, but not want to take that path. I gave her the letter and she read it and said that she would write back to me before she left, well I am still waiting for that letter to this day.

I am not obsessed, I am still dating other people, but she was my first love and I will remember her for the rest of my life. It is possible to fall in love at a very young age so don’t listen to people who say it is impossible because they don’t know how you feel and if it is true love you will have that butterfly feeling in your stomach all your life every time you think of that person. I am pulling my self through things but I still write her letters that have no reply either cause she doesn’t get them or she is afraid. But I will not let it ruin my life and that’s what people have to understand that being heart broken is devastating but it’s not the end of the world.



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