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Real Story

Lost in confusion

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Back when I was 8, I lost my uncle to two bullets in his heart by a gang member, who claimed we were in the wrong territory. My father was always busy and never had time for me, but when my uncle came along, my life changed. He became the father I always wanted. He took me everywhere and protected me from anything, even if it meant losing his life.  After they shot him, they ran off, and he looked at me and said, “Always keep your head up because I will be looking down from the sky searching for your smile.” He died right there after saying that. The cops came to get his body and tried to question me, but I remained quiet, as if I didn’t know a thing. They took me home to my mother and father. My mother was crying down to her knees, and my father was still busy as ever. I went to my room, looked up and told him, “I promise…”



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