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Real Story

Fighting loss and moving forward

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You can get through anything.

Trust me. I KNOW sometimes it feels like there is no way out. Hell, I still feel that way sometimes. My boyfriend of four years just recently got me fired from my job (I was making $17.00/hr @22yrs old), blew the motor in my new car, broke off our engagement and kicked me out of the apartment with nowhere to go. I thought my world was over. I already have a hard time trusting people.  This, needless to say, did not help. I moved to Texas from Jersey, with a friend whose husband is in Iraq, and ya know what I did? I picked myself up, after many nights of crying and days of vegetating, and I’m moving on. Your greatest obstacle in life is yourself. So often we let one thing set us back so far that we never move forward.  Don’t be that person. Stand up, be strong, fight, kicking and screaming, ‘til you get where you want to be in life. You only get one life, and somewhere someone does care.  In fact, I care. So stand up, brush yourself off, and start moving forward. It gets better. It does; I promise.



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