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Learning to love yourself

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Three ways I learned to accept that I was gay

There is nothing scarier to a teen than feeling different. But, all throughout my adolescent years I knew I wasn’t like everyone else. All the other boys would call girls hot and stare; I never really saw what was there. But, when it came to the locker room to change for gym, now that was one beautiful site.

Growing up and discovering that you’re gay is perhaps one of the scariest and most confusing times of your life, and it’s hard; no one’s going to dispute that. But, you aren’t alone You aren’t the first, and you won’t be the last. I felt so weird, so alone in the world, like I had no one to turn to. But, I got through it by doing a few simple things. Maybe they can help you too.

I. Read, read, read, read.
I know that doesn’t sound very exciting, but the only way to get over the feeling of being alone, or being weird, or feeling like you’re different from everyone else, is to read about it. What you’re doing now is reading, so I suppose you’ve already followed my advice. But, you can never know too much. The more you know, the more you can stand up for yourself and realize that you are who you are.  Knowledge is a beautiful and liberating thing.

II. Accept who you are and have faith.
I know it’s hard to come to terms with being gay; trust me I’ve been there. And I’m not saying if you think you’re gay to just decide it, no. If you honestly are gay, embrace it. I KNEW I was gay, but for the longest time, I denied to myself who I was. I told myself “There’s no way. I can’t be this.” But, the more you deny who you are, the worse you feel about it, and it won’t ever change who you are. If you are gay, love yourself for who you are and not who others think you should be. Have faith that you are a good person, that things will get easier because they do, and…

III. Lastly, if you need help, get it.
The sad thing is, many teens don’t do this. They kill themselves, and it is so incredibly sad. Please don’t go down this road. So many teens have given up, when all they had to do was look for an adult or a friend. There will be somebody. I promise.

The main point is that it will get better. I promise. No matter who you are or what your story is, never give up. Life isn’t always easy, especially being gay. But, I wouldn’t change who I am if I could choose how I was born. Live, laugh and love. You’re not any different.



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