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I’m a fighter and so are you!


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My name is Karen. I’m a tomboy who loves sports and the outdoor life! I have an awesome twin sister and a younger brother with two happily married parents. So for some it may be surprising to know I’ve had it really hard.

Last year, my doctor told me and my mom and dad that I had severe anxiety and depression, but this year I became suicidal. I used to scream and and cut to express my hatred toward myself. I was too scared to talk in front of my class and every day I would get bullied because of it. One day I’d had enough. If it wasn’t for my dad, I would be gone.

While I was at a behavioral center I realized that I had people at home who love me, and I now need to work at what I needed to work on. When I have urges to cut, I pray, talk to my parents, or talk to my bffs, one amazing girl I’ve known forever and also my twin.

I may not be totally healed, but I’m not broken anymore. God loves each one of you and there is light in you, you just have to dig deeper. Thank you for reading.



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    You deserve to be happy!

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