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Real Story

I never thought it would happen to me

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At 16, I had dated a few guys, but I never had anything serious. I always kept my head on my shoulders. Then, I started dating my friend D. I was really happy for a month or so, until things started to get weird.

D started to get very controlling. He wanted to spend all his free time with me and always wanted to know where I was.  I thought it was romantic. But he took it to a new extreme, trying to tear me away from family, friends and school. Whenever I couldn’t hang out, he complained that I didn’t spend enough time with him. He said that I was an awful girlfriend and that I didn’t work hard enough for him. Sometimes, when he was really mad, he said that I was uglier than him and lucky to have him. And I believed him.

He started to pressure me sexually. He made me do things I wasn’t comfortable with, and when I wouldn’t break my abstinence vow, he got mad at me.  Also, my friends and family didn’t like him. They said he seemed sweet but was taking over my life, and the things I thought were romantic they saw as controlling and scary.

Finally, six months in, after we got in a fight because I didn’t put out on my birthday date, he said that we should take a break. I agreed and was surprised to realize I felt relieved.

When I told D that I had moved on, he tried to give me brownies laced with laxatives. Luckily, he had bragged to one of his friends about how he was going to “get back at me,” and I was warned in time. I never thought I’d be the girl from the health class movies, staying in an abusive relationship. I thank God I got out and that he can never hurt me again.



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