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Recovering from my best friend’s suicide


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My story of when my best friend killed himself

I am Samantha. I had a best friend named Brian. Since, well, birth we did everything together. He meant the world to me, and I meant the world to him. He didn’t get help for depression as he grew up with me, and he never told a soul. This is his story of how keeping secrets ultimately took him away.

His parents got a divorce, and then he moved to Tennessee. His father was a horrible person, but because he was his father Brian loved him no matter what. Because his parents were getting a divorce and were too busy, his twin sister, Michelle, was getting sicker, but no one knew. Eventually she fell down during a basketball game, they did a CT Scan, and found cancer, terminal - stage 4. She died shortly after, and he became depressed. A month after his sister died, his other sister passed away in a car accident. After the depression got worse, nobody had noticed until he took his life on April 19, 2011. Everyone was devastated.

Battling depression myself for a while before his death, I knew how he felt, but I was so concerned with my depression and hiding it from him that I didn’t see the signs. Now I have a “journal” where I write to him everyday, it REALLY helps me. I talk to my friends, and listen to their stories, and they listen to mine. We support and treat each other as equals.

Talk to friends, family, doctors, teachers… ANYBODY. Just don’t keep it all to yourself. Get the help you need. As his grandma used to say, “Everything ends up okay, if it’s not okay, it’s not the end.”



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    that was a touching story </3 stay strong. you’ve gone a looong way. writting helps a lot i bet. i like the quote his grandma said(: God bless <3

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    Life Is About Chices And Goals That You Would Wanna Accomplish I Went To A Mental Care Place In Alexandria La For Suicidal Thoughts And Suicide Attempt But i Relize Tht Sometimes Its Better To Talk Than Hold It IN..!

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