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Surviving harassment at school


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My story of overcoming self-harm and bullying

Hi, I’m Aubrey, and I’m in my second year of college. I’m from the east side of Michigan, and this story is about the time my friends harassed me.  I was in middle school, and I already had self-confidence issues because I was in that awkward stage in life. My friends knew this and decided they would use that to their advantage. The group of people who were harassing me were supposed to be my friends, and they were making fun of me for everything for two months straight.

In middle school, you are in that awkward stage of life, but usually you have friends who are feeling the same things as you; my friend were. We all were confused about who we were and what was going to happen the following year in high school. The few who were the most self-conscious decided to make themselves feel better; they did this at my expense. I have crazy frizzy hair and still to this day don’t know how to tame it. When it gets humid out, frizzy hair expands. One day, when my hair was particularly big, this group of people decided they were going to make fun of my hair. The jokes then led to my clothes- my pants were always too short because I am extremely tall, which led to my body- I am naturally thin. They were all convinced I had an eating disorder. One boy told everybody that my father raped me every night. THIS IS NOT TRUE, but he told everyone that it was. I came home from school every day for two months crying because this happened every day.

Being a young person who did not know how to deal with all this pain and torture, I began to self-harm after one of the girls in my class had mentioned self-harming. She was doing it because her parents were going through a nasty divorce, and she said it helped with the pain and was a distraction. For me, it worked. It was a distraction, and for a while it helped. But then I couldn’t stop.

My best friend and I had a notebook we would use to write notes to each other. She told me everything that people were saying about me, and she helped me get through those tough two months.  I still have self-confidence issues, and negative things still hurt me. However, I have friends who help me every day with my self confidence.  It has been months since my last self-injury, and I know that with the help of friends, everyone can get though anything, no matter how difficult.



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    stay strong

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    Vanessa Hernandez

    im getting bullied alot and im to the point where i cant take this anymore help

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      Hey, Vanessa. No one should have to endure bullying and we’re really worried for you. Have you spoken to your parents or teachers about what’s happening? If you haven’t, please tell someone what’s going on, as maybe they can help.  Read this for more info on what to do:  But if you need to talk to someone right away, call Boys (Not just for Boys!) Town National Hotline at 1-800-448-3000.  Just reach out to get help! Thinking of you,The ReachOut Crew

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    Your Really Strong Person!

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