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My name is Sierra, and I used to cut myself.

My parents were always two people I could talk to about anything in life. Then they starting fighting,  and finally my dad moved out. It really hurt I was always a daddy’s girl. Then I found out they were getting a divorce.  I thought self harm was the answer.

But I talked to my parents and a counselor about it.  Talking to my parents and a counselor was helpful to me because it showed me that harming my body was just putting more pressure onmyself to hide it, which became really stressful to me.

The process was very simple. At first, they got me to tell them what was wrong. Then they explained to me what I was doing to myself. Just knowing I had their support to get through this pushed me to stop hurting myself. What helped me discover it was wrong was learning what it was doing to me. It left me hurt and scared, and it caused me to go into depression,  stop eating at times and push everyone I loved away.



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