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My story of being a gay teen father


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You’ll know what is true in your heart

My name is Dayton-Kyle. I’m 21 and married to my partner of five years. Together we have five boys total now. When I was 14, I made the common mistake of having unprotected sex with a girl in a fit of questioning my sexuality.

My tough time was being 14 and dealing with the peer pressure against being gay. My “friends” often asked me, “How I knew for sure I was gay if I had never had sex with a girl?” One night I decided to have sex with a friend. That one night of unprotected sex with my girlfriend let to a 14 year-old boy and a 17 year-old girl finding out they were having twin boys. The girl decided two days after my sons were born to disappear. I was left to decide A. Raise my sons or B. Put them up for adoption. I made the decision to raise my sons. This entailed me coming out to my entire family and hoping they supported me.

Luckily, my family backed me up on my decision and my twin sister even decided to help me raise the boys alongside me. The first two years were tough until I met Trey. Trey is an ex-marine and on our first date he bought new toys for my sons. From that night on, I knew everything would be alright. That’s why on Christmas Day this year we adopted three brothers who were in a foster home.

To sum it up: Don’t allow peer pressure to make you question what you know is true in your heart. We all make mistakes, but it doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world. Learn from them, embrace the difference they have made and push through all the road blocks in life.

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    Skai Watts

    Your story inspires me not to fall for peer pressure and to stay true to my heart.Thank you soo much for sharing these.

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    Laura Heagy

    Dayton-Kyle~ Your story is one of hope. Thank you for sharing with us.

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      livi pezo

      wow dayton-kyle ur an indperation to me

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