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My name is Mikayla. I like to read. I like school. I do not generally interact with people because I like to keep to myself. Lady Gaga and Kate Moennig are my obsessions. I believe beauty lies beneath everyone and everything. Body modification in any form amazes me. smile

I’ve known I liked girls since I was 12. Coming to terms with it took until I was 14. My parents found out when I was 16. I’m now 17. My mom was livid; my dad didn’t really say much. My mom tried to change who I was and told me I was going to “Hell.”  She said no one would hire a faggot, etc. I just sat back and listened because I didn’t know how to react or what to say. She was my mother and was saying those things. At that point, my sister stepped in and said that I was perfect and she loved me just the way I was.  She said my mother didn’t have to because she was here for me. My sister makes everything better. To this day, I go to her to talk, only her.

So many rumors were going around school about me. Granted, they weren’t really rumors because they were true. Some of the people who I thought were my closest friends walked out of my life. So, at that point, I decided to face it on my own. I did. They tried to come back into my life, but I couldn’t let them. Many people accept me for who I am now, and I love that. Others who don’t, I don’t need them.

My mom hates the fact that I’m a lesbian, but she’s dealing, I suppose. She talks to her friends about it, and I guess that helps. I still love her, and she still loves me. It doesn’t just go away. My mother and I don’t see eye to eye on some things, but she overlooks the fact that I’m a lesbian now. She makes comments on it, but overall I think she’s accepting of me because she knows she can’t change who I am. My little brother, Jaxon, got/gets me through everything I face. He’s almost 4, and he has never failed to be there for me because he knows when something is wrong.  And he knows when I need him. My advice to you is to love who you are because there is nothing wrong with you. You’re perfect. Never let anyone tell you that you’re a burden, that there’s something wrong with you, that you’ll never be worth anything, because as Lady Gaga says, “You were born this way.”<3

You will be okay; you’ll make it through. I don’t know you, but I have faith in you because you’re on the right track. Don’t give in to society’s messed up standards. Be who you are and have no regrets. There is hope for you and for anyone else.



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    Aww, such a sweet story!! I am lesbian, and now proud of it, I made this quote: “Happy Or Homo, I’m Gay Either Way!”  I was scared stiff to tell my mom, who talked badly about LGBT people, saying things like its ‘unnatural’ and ‘bad’. But I figured that lying to myself and others about who I am is worse,so I told her in indirect text form. smile It worked. She still tries to make me feel bad for being an open minded individual, but I no longer care, because its who I am, and being with a girl is what makes me happy.

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    Thank for sharing your story, it is nice smile
    The problem is that I’m lesbian. I don’t have any brothers who could support me at home. My family hates homosexuals -I know it because they said it themselves-. My dad lives far away from my house and I live with my mom. My friends knows it… THE WHOLE SCHOOL KNOWS IT!! And I can’t tell my own mother :(

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      It is unfortunate when people to whom you are closest to have a point of view that may feel hurtful and unsupportive.  I am glad you are able to share who you are with your school and peer community and hope you are getting plenty of support there.  You may also want to check out the RO Fact Sheet on Coming Out, there are also links at the bottom to other GLBT sites that may be helpful.  Hang in there ... the RO Crew.

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