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Overcoming my teenage drug addiction


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How I overcame my drug addiction

My name is Michael. I have had a rough life. I don’t know my real father. The only person I have ever even called dad died when I was nine years-old. My mom is a drug addict and is in prison now as she was pretty much my whole life. I only have maybe one or two friends who I can really count on, and I have always lived with my grandmother since birth.

On my 13th birthday, I was at a friend’s house. Now I knew that he and his family smoked pot, but I had never tried it and then my friend asked me if I wanted to try it. I was hesitant, but I said sure and so started my addiction with drugs. I knew I was already hooked right after the first hit. I fell in love with it, but little did I know how much trouble it would cause me later down the road. So, I went home the next day, and I paced back and forth for about thirty minutes. I didn’t know what was wrong with me, then it hit me that I needed to have more. So almost everyday after school I went over to his house just to get a quick high until four months later my grandma caught me one day and that’s the day that changed my life from terrible to better.

After I got caught, my grandma took me home. When I got there, there were at least 12 people at my house to greet me and get on me at the same time. Even though I was stoned out of my mind, it hit me that I was starting to go down the path of my mother and how many people didn’t want that to happen at all. Then a cop showed up, he talked to me for at least two hours. When he left my best friend’s step-dad who loves me to death showed up. He talked to me for about three hours. He took me out to eat and all that and that‘s when I decided to stop it all cold turkey and, to tell you the truth, I did stop it all cold turkey.

To sum this all up, all I have to say is don’t do drugs ever. No matter how tempting it might be, it’s the hardest addiction to quit, no matter how old you are.

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    I’ve had issues with alcohol before but weed was never an problem for me.I guess some people just handle it differently. I enjoy it but I realize that too much of a good thing is bad.

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    Thank you for sharing your story.Your story has inspired me to stay straight and not give in.I to dont really know my birth dad all I know is that he is an alcoholic and doesn’t want anything to do with his kids.Its hard to get through but in the end it makes me stronger.Stat strong and continue to live life without drugs.

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      Wow that must really suck and thank you for sharing tha story my cousin was 6 and he did heroin and he ended up in the hospital it was horrible i didnt have that much of my hopes up but i thanked god he survived!!!!! it was a shock

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    Rob's Ranch

    I hope you’ll continue sharing inspirational post for readers. Thanks for the great effort and keep going! smile

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    “No matter how tempting it might be, it’s the hardest addiction to quit, no matter how old you are.” - Reading this coming from a very young victim is really alarming. This is the harsh reality of our today’s society. Peer pressure is the number one cause for teen addiction. Your story is very inspiring and I’m happy to know that you made your choice, that is to be a better person by stopping drugs. Thanks for sharing your story!

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