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How my dad’s drinking problem almost destroyed my family

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How my friends helped me through my dad’s alcoholism

When I was 13, my dad started drinking more and more. Everyday he would come home from work and have beer, lots of it. I didn’t think much of it at first, but then he started getting more angry and violent. He would shout at my mom and me. It was like my father had gone and been replaced with another guy. A much angrier guy.

One night, he came home really late. I could hear him shouting at my mom, calling her names and swearing at her. I was so upset. This wasn’t my dad.

The next day I found out he got fired for going to work drunk. How would we pay for food? I was so confused, angry and upset. After that day, I didn’t say a word to my dad for a long time. Everything that came out of his mouth was rubbish. He kept saying everything was my fault, that this never would have happened if I wasn’t born. That absolutely killed me inside. My dad used to be my best friend, now he was saying I shouldn’t have been born?

A while later, it was my birthday, my dad didn’t even get me a card. I invited my friends over for a sleepover, thinking my dad would be at the pub all night. He wasn’t. When my friends and I got to my house, my friend asked me, “Why is your dad acting weird? Is he okay?” I just told her he was ill. But then he started shouting at my friends and me. I was so embarrassed. I wished I would just get sucked into the ground. Then he got violent. He started throwing stuff across the room. Magazines, shoes, bottles, anything he could find. My friends screamed, one of them called the police. After the police came, they took my dad to a rehab. He was in rehab for three months; now he is better, back to his normal self.

I’m so happy he’s okay, but I do still worry about him drinking again. My friends asked me why I didn’t tell them in the first place and told me they would have understood. I guess it was just too embarrassing to tell them, but now I’m glad they know. They really help me.

My dad hasn’t had alcohol for one year now, I’m so proud of him. Everyday he tells me he loves me and about how sorry he is. I’m glad this is all over with.

It was so hard. Every night I would cry. I seriously thought he was going to die. I felt like I couldn’t tell my friends, it was too embarrassing. I thought they would laugh and talk behind my back. Those months when my dad was drunk was hell for me. I had thoughts of cutting myself and suicide.

My friends helped me so much. They would tell me everything’s going to be okay and that my dad was going to get sober. If it weren’t for my friend calling the police, my dad would still be drunk right now.

I know it’s hard to tell friends. But once they know, it will be so much better. They won’t judge you or talk behind your back. They will help you.

My dad is now better, and I am happy. Please tell somebody if you have an alcoholic family member. Thank you xxx



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