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Living life through difficult times

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I am almost 16 years old and have had a hard life.

My name is Ally-Nicole.
I was born with a serious disease that almost took my life.  My father left my family when I was three. I have five siblings, three sisters and two brothers. I wish to be a teacher or work in the business department when I get older. I am an honor student and am taking college classes.  I love to have fun with my boyfriend and my family smile

I was born with viral meningitis. A virus got into the fluids around my brain and caused it to swell. Now, the long-term effect is emotional depression. I cannot get too upset, or I will go into panic attacks. My mother had a very hard time raising me and my sister after my father left us when I was 3.  Six years ago, my mom met this guy. Later on in their relationship, he got kidney failure. He became very violent and beat on me and my siblings. Now, he is hurting himself for attention. In 2010, I was dating this boy name Anthony for six months. He ended up killing himself over our break-up and family drama.

The long-term effects I suffer are kind of easy to deal with. I try to stay calm at all times. It’s hard to deal with my father not being here, but my mom has a fiancé who’s like a father to me. I suggest just looking forward in life and keeping your goals in your head to not focus on the pain.

Live your life and focus on the bright things, because focusing on pain never gets you anywhere.



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