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I am a 14-year-old, about to be 15, who is trying to make it through one of the hardest things to deal with in life, depression. It started when I was on a vacation with some of my family in Jacksonville, Florida. I started feeling really down about myself and others as well. I cried myself to sleep every night, and I always felt so angry that I would lash out on others around me and hurt people I loved.  I didn’t even know why I did it. When my depression got worse, so did I. I was constantly yelling, throwing tempers, screaming and crying. I didn’t know what was wrong with me and why I was acting the way I did. I figured that I was just tired or something. I never thought that I could be depressed.

After that, I started having trouble sleeping and controlling my emotions.  The thoughts in my mind kept me up and wouldn’t let me sleep or even think about what I was doing. I was getting more and more scared about what was happening to me.

Finally, about 2 months later I asked my mom to see a doctor, and that’s when I found out that I had 7 symptoms of depression; I was terrified. My doctor gave me a name of a therapist who I should go and talk to, and she said if I wasn’t better in 2 months then she would prescribe me depression pills. I didn’t want to be put on pills because everyone I know who takes them says that they don’t help and that you might get worse. I was scared about what might happen, so my depression only got worse. I ended up feeling very lost in this world because I was always so confused, and my thoughts were constantly mixed up.

I didn’t know what I should do, so when I went to school I hid behind a veil, keeping my emotions and my thoughts locked inside my head so that I wouldn’t worry my friends. I finally ended up telling my friends when they started noticing that I was acting differently. Surprisingly, they understood, and they were all there for me. I talked to my therapist, and it actually is helping a lot. So, if you have depression or think you do then you need to tell someone because, if you don’t, things could get a lot worse for you. You don’t have to be afraid or embarrassed about depression. Many people get it. So, don’t be like me and block others out. Talk to someone who you can trust and who you know will always be there for you forever.



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