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My story starts many years ago. I was 7 when my parents were separated. I didn’t care about the divorce. Up until 2 years ago I saw my Father every other day. Then he met her. The evil stepmother from Cinderella had nothing on her. She convinced my Father that I was a miscreant, that I was no good. I left 2 years ago and I have never returned. I haven’t spoken to my Father, actual conversation, in those 2 years. He has a new family now that doesn’t include me. His stepchildren call him Dad and Daddy. He calls them daughter and son. I am no longer his daughter. I am a mistake, something to be rid of. I am not worthy of his time. From that point I was horribly sick. I had panic attacks and low self esteem. Then I met him. He is the love of my life and has made an imprint on me that will never wear. He does not love me and he doesn’t know how I feel about him. I am nothing but a friend in a sea of friends, and even though he doesn’t love me, the feelings I have for him are slowly piecing my heart back together. I am slowly realizing that I am okay.



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    Youll be ok. Ive been there, and in the end that man will still be your best friend.

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    Thanks for submitting this great story!

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