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Telling my parents that I’m sexually active

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Learning to be honest with my parents

My name is Sierra.  My boyfriend and I got up the courage to tell my parents we are sexually active.

It was very tough to tell my parents this. I have always been a very good kid. and my parents have always been proud of me.  So, I didn’t want to disappoint them. But I knew it was best we tell them.

I was really afraid to tell my parents, so me and my boyfriend thought it be better if we both did. It was good to have support from him. I know I came to the right choice, and I know my parents are proud that I told them and didn’t keep it from them.

Now I know that I can be honest with my parents, and they trust me to make the right choice and tell them things that I wouldn’t have had the courage to tell them before. The relationship between me and my parents is a lot better because they trust me more and are giving me more freedom. Also, the relationship between me and my boyfriend is better because, even though we have our ups and downs, we know that it’s better to talk about things and be honest.



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