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Coming together for strength

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As of 2007, my family was struggling through financial difficulties. My stepdad was laid off, and health issues in the family led to large medical bills. Money became very tight, to the point where creditors were calling all hours of the day; our home, vehicles and human necessities were in danger of being taken from us.

Our family was broken and we were, all taking the stress, anger and resentment out on each other. We grew apart and turned away from one another. Being 14 at the time, I wasn’t fully aware of the situation. I just knew I wasn’t able to hang out with my friends as often as I wanted, or take part in a lot of the things I was invited to do.
After months of resenting my parents, they finally sat me down and made me aware of the whole situation. I saw how much they had sacrificed for my stepsister and me just to do the things we could at the time. I saw how immature I was being. My stepsister and I learned how to sacrifice many things along with our parents. I let events with my friends slip by without complaining and learned to put things off that weren’t a necessity.

My family gained a mutual understanding of one another, and we all learned to turn to each other for support or to vent. We became stronger together, which made all the difference.

Now that we are through those rough times, we are able to look back over the past three years and know that we made it through them together, as a family, and even came out the other side of it, stronger and closer than before.



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