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Coming out about bisexuality


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They say that bisexuality is a trend at the moment. I just think that society has started to accept it more these days. Doesn’t make it any easier on those of us who are trying to tell our family and friends we are attracted to the same sex right??

I still remember the day I “came out” to my mother whom I have never really been close with. For as long as I can remember, I have been attracted to women. Being a girl myself, it was hard for me to personally come to terms with. Sure like most girls I had boyfriends, but I always felt that something was missing. That’s when I finally let myself admit that I was attracted to women too. From around the age of 15, I have *dated* a few women, but it was always in secret.  I knew my mom was “ok” with people who were gay and embraces people for who they are not what they do. But still, I was worried about what her reaction would be when she learned that her only daughter was interested in women.

So like most, I hid it from her for a very long time. Until I felt like I was lying to myself, and my family and friends, by not being upfront in who I was. And by hiding it I seemed to be getting more and more depressed as time went by. I was scared of what people would think of me if they ever found out. But after talking to a counselor about how I was feeling, I realized that I shouldn’t ever be ashamed of who I was. So I decided to tell my mom. It was just a matter of finding the perfect time to do it.

I remember my mom and I were sitting in the living room watching TV. And mom commented how she could “Never do that with a woman”. I froze. I knew this was my chance to be open with my mom. So I sucked in my breath, swallowed a few times and blurted out “Mum I like girls” then waited for her response (it seems like I held my breath for hours when really it was only seconds) her reply was “Well, what ever floats your boat, you’re still my daughter and I will love and support you no matter who you date”.

The release of weight off my shoulders I felt was amazing, and I kicked myself   (mentally of course) for not telling her sooner. After I came out, it made the relationship between my mom and I a lot stronger. I felt able to be around her because I didn’t feel so guilty for hiding such a huge part of who I was from her.

Most of my family now know and accept my partner as family. And those of my friends who I have chosen to tell have all been really cool about it. And tell me they knew all along anyway. (Which from what I hear always seems to be the way anyway!) Since coming out. I’ve found that I can now be true to myself and who I am. And no longer feel like I need to hide things from people anymore. I feel so much better about who I am! And have come to realize, that although things may look hard at the time. If you step back and have a look at the situation from a distance, you will usually find that it isn’t all as bad as it seems. And that there will always be a number of answers to your problem, big or small.



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    Congrats, girl, for stepping up and saying what needed to be said smile

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