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Breaking Away from the Pain


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Hiya, there.  I’m Julia, a junior in college, and this is my story about how I overcame the traumas of my teenage years to finally become a person I’m proud to see in the mirror everyday.  When I was a kid, my family moved around a lot.  We’re talking a new school every year or so.  As a result, I had problems reaching out to people.  I became shy and unsociable, which made it easy for the other kids to push me around.  After awhile, I started to think that maybe the other kids were right, that I really was worthless and that I didn’t have anything to offer the world.  I sort of drifted along in a sea of my own pain and loneliness, finding solace only in creative outlets. I became exceptionally good at writing poetry and short stories.  It was because of this that I became great friends with my English teacher, who helped me through some of the toughest times of my life. 

After my parents divorced, my depression grew even worse, and I ended up dropping out of school.  But I came back the very next semester, because that same English teacher wouldn’t let me go.  She believed in me.  I had never realized until then how valuable it really was to have someone who KNEW, without a doubt, that I could succeed.  I trusted her wholeheartedly and it’s because of her that I’m still standing here today.  When the time came for me to finally graduate and head off to college, I thought I would snap under the pressure. It seemed impossible.  But I did it.

It wasn’t easy.  For the whole first semester I continually expected it to be like high school.  I would screw something up or accidentally say something that I thought was stupid, and then I would close my eyes, waiting for the ridicule to begin.  But it never did.  So I grew bolder.  I joined more classes, found more people who loved the same things as me. Art.  Music. Languages. Computers. Anything and everything a heart could desire.  It was a dream come true.

After growing accustomed to a world of adults, where I didn’t have to worry about petty insults or childish bullies, I joined the school psychology program. I fully intend to give back to kids who went through the same things I did. They are not alone and they need to know that.

As a side note, I still talk to that English teacher from high school.  But now she’s simply a wonderful friend.  Because I have learned that the most important person you need to believe in you is…well, you!

My name is Julia and I was a high school drop-out. Now I’m an honor student in college who is going to Asia this year on a school-sponsored internship. I’m happy, I’m proud, and I fully believe that I can do anything.  I changed my life.  It’s time for you to change yours.



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    Thank you for sharing your story. We have a lot in common and your story helped encourage me “)

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