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How I overcame feeling alone in a crowd


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    For me, I tend to lose control of my emotions also. With anger especially. I didn’t have an anger problem, but the stupidest thing would set me off. Then later I would regret the things I said or did. But if you were to ask people, I’m really quiet mellow with my emotions now. I didn’t allow stupid things to tick me off, I found things that made me happy, and I’ve met some really awesome people.

    To Frankie & irene21: There is never a certain “Mold” that anyone is supposed to fit. Not at school or at home. I’ve felt like that also, many times. Sometimes, I’m that quiet girl in the library reading books. Then I’m that one girl whose always cracking jokes and laughing obnoxiously. At home, you don’t need to fit in because you could be a complete airhead and your family would still love you. You could be a klutz and they’d still love you. You could be a complete heavy metal music lover and they’d still love you. Catch my drift? smile Don’t worry about fitting in, and don’t follow the crowd. Create your own! And while you’re in class and you feel as if you don’t know anyone, all I can say is take the initiative to talk to someone. Don’t be afraid. I moved schools once, and I didn’t know anyone in my classes. I felt alone and as if no one liked me. But then I realized that if I wanted friends then I had to make some. Friends don’t just pop up when you want them. You gotta make them! Hope this helps! smile

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    I’m going through this but I’m only 14. I fell like I don’t fit in any where not at school or home. Not even when I’m by my self. A few months ago I hit rock botem. No one could make me happy. I started cutting. It got so bad that people I new when’t to the school chonsler and said that she should call my mom. She did. The last day of school my mom look’t at my arms and saw all the scares. I thought ‘finly I would get help and get her to see me for me’. No, she ran away from me even more. I have two best friends Ayla who gets why I did it but never did it her self. Then Leanne who is still stugling like me. I have a feeling that when school starts I’m going to cutt or make black and blue marks again because I’ll have no one with me. Every one who haves been helping me arn’t in ANY of my classes. This summer, I’v cryed and punch so much stuff. One day I got so mad at my mom for not likeing me for me. But reading this might help me with the stuff im going though. It tells me Its just mot me and Leanne. There is mom people out there who are just like me…...</p>

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      i can relate

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