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A way out of depression


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Life was pretty good for me, all until 5th grade. It actually wasn’t so bad, except for having a mean teacher.  But looking back, my life seemed to go completely downward from there. Bad things happened to me one after another over the past four years, and suicide became a thought.

When I was about 12 years old, one of my pets died of parasites. You may be thinking “Oh, it’s just an animal,” but it was like losing a parent, believe me.  Anyway, I tried making new friends to take my mind off things, but half of the new friends I made pretended to be my friend but then walked away. I never felt so alone. What really helped a lot was when I recognized who my TRUE friends are and who I could go to for help. Also, writing my feelings down on paper helps, so they are not trapped inside. Sadly, I didn’t trust anyone after my friends left me, not even my counselor, since he would tell my parents. I know, sad. But writing a diary really helped, and there was more. I found that finding new hobbies that you never even thought about doing really helps. I started drawing and painting, which helped a bit, but what mostly helped was when I started to read the Bible every now and then and started praying. Then my life turned up. For you reading this, boy or girl, Christian or Atheist, whoever you are:  if you’re in a depression and nothing seems to work, at least try to end the pain. I tried, and my life has been positive and successful so far. All you have to do is try.



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    Leslie Raye Brown

    Your writing here is an inspiration! When a pet dies it is just as hard for most of us as losing a family member. I am glad that you found ways to express this pain and move on into even more creative ways to express yourself.

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