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My story of overcoming anorexia

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Fighting lies about physical beauty

Jenny, my best friend Cayla and me struggled with body image. Pressure from family and pop culture was the main culprit.

Cayla and I both had issues with how we looked. Mirrors would mock us! And seeing our idols on covers of magazines, thin as sticks, made our envy grow. In December of 2010, we had made a pact to get fit before the summer. She started in the healthy way, eating right and exercising, while I developed anorexia. After four months of little food, my body couldn’t take it, and I was put into an institution for eating disorders. It would be a week before I saw my best friend arrive.

Cayla and I were mortified that we had both ended up in the same institution. After several group meetings and therapy sessions, we both agreed that we were perfect the way we were. She recovered swiftly and was released. With her help, I was able to be released just 64 days later.

Currently, Cayla is striving, she looks beautiful and healthy again. I am doing well, taking each day at a time and thanking my supporters for their help to make me happy once more.



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