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Learning the importance of safe sex

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My story of the result of an accidental pregnancy

At the age of 16, I got involved with a 21-year-old guy. I was really active in my church and was at the end of 5th form going into 6th form.  My relationship with this young man grew. I started sneaking around with him a lot after school, before choir practice on Saturday and so on.

One day I went by his house to visit his mom, and we ended up having sex on the floor in his room. After that, I thought it was business as usual.  He bought the morning after birth control tablet; thus I thought everything would have been ok.

Three weeks after we had sex, I took the emergency contraceptive.  Then, I realized changes in my body. My tummy was growing.  I started wearing loose clothes and spent more time in bed and less time on the road.  By this time I was employed as a junior accountant and was really depressed because I did not know how to confront my parents.

I asked him to ask his mom to tell my mom, she did. My mother and my father were so angry that they decided the best thing to do was to have me abort the child.  When I found out that they had that in their plans, I moved out and stayed at a friend’s house for about 3 days. On the third night, my father called me and asked me to come home as he wanted to talk to me; I went and was forced to stay.

They took me to a place (doctor’s office) and paid to have the abortion done.  It was painful and lasted 19 hours. The pain and agony that I had to undergo was excruciating.

Today I am a legal secretary.  I still live with my parents, and I have a strong support system.  I am also dating a guy who cares deeply about me.
Girls, don’t hide from your parents or anyone else because whatever you do in secret will eventually come out, and be careful. Make sure you’re protected because with adult decisions comes ADULT RESPONSIBILITIES, and please remember to WRAP IT UP. Love is not enough to protect you from an STD/AIDS.



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