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16 and Pregnant


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Teen pregnancy story

My name is Crystal. I am an 18 year-old single teen mother, and I have a two year-old daughter. I told my parents I was pregnant two weeks before my sweet 16.

I had a rough pregnancy. Being only 16, my body was not mature enough to properly support a healthy pregnancy.

My daughter’s father was not around throughout my entire pregnancy. And he barely came around for the first few weeks after she was born.

I have had an extremely tough time, trying to take care of my daughter, and stay in school. I dropped out of high school to get my GED, but I am now in my second year of college, aiming for a Nursing degree.

I was one of the few lucky girls to have amazing family support. Sure, they were angry… They were livid!! But they helped me explore my options (abortion, adoption, and parenting). Obviously I chose parenting…

It has definitely been hard, but thanks to my family, I have wonderful opportunities to better myself to provide a great life for my baby girl.



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    well my mom probably knows how you feel she had my sister at 13 and i hope you and your daughter have a good life

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