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10 year old anorexic to 13 year old Pro scooter rider


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My story about overcoming anorexia

My name is Will S., and in the winter of 2009 I developed anorexia. I just wanted to get stronger so I exercised and cut down on my food a bit. This cycle started to spiral out of control, and I finally ended up doing 2,000 push ups a day and eating nearly nothing. I was put into the hospital when my heart started to slow down to the point where I couldn’t stand. I was released 27 days later and hadn’t had any more trouble with my eating disorder until winter of 2011. In 2011, I was hospitalized again for anorexia five times, with the fifth time being my suicide attempt. I was finally released from my fifth hospitalization on July 2nd.

My absolute worst moment through all this was starting to barely come back to consciousness while in the ambulance driving to Children’s Hospital. I had absolutely no idea what was happening until I had the dreaded thought of what actually happened with my attempt.  I didn’t want to die, far from it, I just wanted to take back those five dreadful hours in which all of this had occurred. It was painstaking work to finally be released from the hospital but surprisingly wasn’t hard to transition back to my home where this all happened.

I got through this with the incredible help from my parents and especially my dad. He came to visit me every day, with playing Cribbage, cards, or just talking as if nothing happened. And as for my anorexia, it is now a thing of the past. What helped me the most were my nutritionist, therapist, and my scooter. (I started riding scooters as a sport the following year when I first got my eating disorder, and have been riding it for over two years) It is a great stress relief for me, and I enjoy it immensely.

As of now, I am eating on my own and have been enjoying the second chance of life I have been given by scootering (now pro at age 13), hanging out with friends, and enjoying the last bit of summer I have left. I guess you could call my story a bit unique, but I just really wanted my story to get out there and heard. Thank You.




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    I am writing a speech about finishing strong no matter what your situation is…Will your story is amazing and is so inspiring! It is great to see that you did finish strong! Thank you!!

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    Starve In

    can’t believe it, you were so little, i am 20 years old and i developed anorexia at 16 years old, i’m still anorexic but i have my limits i think, i think i have a lil’bit of ortorexia and vigorexia, so, i don’t know what it’s gonna happen if i just will die or survive from this but i am really glad to read your story and knowing you’re better now gives me hope.

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      We’re glad this story gives you hope. With professional support we believe you could also beat anorexia! We strongly encourage you to talk to your GP, or a mental health professional, and try to overcome your psychological illness. Here is another story to give you hope that beating anorexia is possible: If you want to talk to someone now call Boystown (not for boys only) on 1800 448 3000. They have trained counsellors who can listen and point you in the right direction to seek treatment. Thinking of you!

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